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Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets

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11 x 24 Car Magnet
11" x 24" Car Magnet (quantities must be sets of two) *
16 X 23 Car Magnet
16" x 23" Car Magnet (quantities must be sets of two) *
21 X 23 Car Magnet
21" x 23 " Car Magnet (quantities must be sets of two) *

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You have probably seen slogans and logos being imprinted on the large car door magnets. Rather often car advertising magnets are used by fledgling businesses operating on a shoe-string budget because they are an inexpensive method of getting company name and information out to the targeted audience.

Well-established businesses also use magnets for advertising, realizing that even though they have plenty of customers and business, they can always do better. Memory Magnets is here to provide you with car door magnets for advertising in the variety of colors, shapes and sizes, not to mention custom car advertising magnets solution.

Custom car door magnets for your personal car or for each vehicle in your fleet of trucks will be seen all over their way. At Memory Magnets you will find colorful car advertising magnets which catch a view of the people making them your prospective clients.

Car door magnets for advertising have one great advantage over most all other types of advertising. They are portable. When properly applied and removed, they will not damage you vehicle, so you can whip them on and off whenever you need. If you have several vehicles, you can swap the magnets for advertising between them. Whether the car is moving or parked, a quality magnet on the door is a proven method of bringing attention to your business, products and services. is operated by Printwand, Inc